Operating performance of external non-involute spur and helical gears : a review
ID Okorn, Ivan (Author), ID Nagode, Marko (Author), ID Klemenc, Jernej (Author)

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In practical use, most gears have an involute shape of tooth flanks. However, external involute gears have some drawbacks, such as unfavourable kinematic conditions at the beginning and end of meshing, a limited minimum number of teeth, and the highly loaded convex-convex (i.e., non-conformal) contact. Researchers have developed and analysed various non-involute forms of tooth flanks, but they have not been widely accepted. The main reasons are higher manufacturing costs and sensitivity to manufacturing and assembly errors. Analyses of non-involute forms of teeth are mostly theoretical (analytical and numerical), while there is a lack of experimental confirmations of theoretical assumptions. This paper reviews external non-involute shapes, their operating characteristics and possibilities of use compared to involute gears. Established criteria, such as Hertzian pressure, oil film thickness, bending stress at the root of the tooth, contact temperature, and gear noise, were used for assessment. The results of analytical studies and experimental research on S-gears are presented in more detail. S-gears have a higher surface durability and a lower heat load when compared to involute gears. The usability of non-involute gears is increasing with the development of new technologies and materials. However, the advantages of non-involute shapes are not so significant that they could easily displace involute gears, which are cheaper to manufacture.

Keywords:non-involute gears, tooth profile, path of contact, Novikov gears, S-gears, gearing load capacity
Work type:Article
Typology:1.02 - Review Article
Organization:FS - Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Publication status in journal:Published
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Number of pages:Str. 256-271
Numbering:Vol. 67, no. 5
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ISSN on article:0039-2480
DOI:10.5545/sv-jme.2020.7094 This link opens in a new window
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Publication date in RUL:04.06.2021
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Title:Strojniški vestnik
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Publisher:Zveza strojnih inženirjev in tehnikov Slovenije [etc.], = Association of Mechanical Engineers and Technicians of Slovenia [etc.]
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Title:Obratovalne lastnosti zunanjih neevolventnih valjastih zobnikov z ravnimi in poševnimi zobmi: pregled
Keywords:neevolventni zobniki, profil boka zoba, ubirnica, S-zobniki, cikloidno ozobje, Novikov ozobje, nosilnost ozobja


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