Measurement invariance of the CD-RISC-10 across gender, age, and education : a study with Slovenian adults
ID Kavčič, Tina (Author), ID Zager Kocjan, Gaja (Author), ID Dolenc, Petra (Author)

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The study aimed to investigate measurement invariance of the 10-item Connor-Davidson Resilience Scale (CD-RISC-10) across gender, age, and education. Adults from a general population of Slovenia (N = 431; 58% female; age 18 to 59 years) filled in the CD-RISC-10, the short form of the Mental Health Continuum and the Depression, Anxiety and Stress Scale. Measurement invariance of the proposed one-factor model of CD-RISC-10 by gender, age, and level of education was examined using multiple-group confirmatory factor analysis. The results showed configural, metric, and scalar invariance of the CD-RISC-10 across gender, age, and educational groups. The measure showed satisfactory reliability, positive associations with emotional, psychological, and social well-being, and negative links with negative emotional states. Group differences in latent means suggested higher resilience in men than women, early adults as compared to emerging adults, and people with higher as compared to those with lower level of education. The Slovenian version of the CD-RISC-10 is an acceptably reliable and valid measure of resilience, suitable to detect possible differences between gender, age, and educational groups. Resilience shows favorable associations with enhanced positive mental health and diminished symptoms of mental problems.

Keywords:Connor-Davidson resilience scale CD-RISC-10, resilience (psychological), personality psychology, measurement invariance, well being, emotions, group comparison, Mental health continuum - short form MHC-SF, Depression, anxiety and stress scale DASS21, gender, age, education
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Publication date in RUL:24.03.2021
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Title:Current psychology
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Keywords:Connor-Davidsonova lestvica osebnostne prožnosti CD-RISC-10, osebnostna prožnost, psihologija osebnosti, merska invariantnost, blagostanje, čustva, primerjava skupin, Vprašalnik duševnega zdravja - kratka oblika MHC-SF, Lestvica depresije, anksioznosti in stresa DASS-21, spol, starost, izobrazba


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Name:Psihološki in nevroznanstveni vidiki kognicije

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