Modeling of time consumption for selective and situational precommercial thinning in mountain beech forest stands
Arnič, Domen (Author), Krč, Janez (Author), Diaci, Jurij (Author)

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Rationalization and optimization of work is becoming increasingly important in the European forestry sector. In this study a tool for modeling three different precommercial thinning approaches in young beech mountain stands was developed based on several field studies. The simulation examines three primary types of precommercial thinning: selective thinning and two types of situational thinning. We studied the impact of the number of candidates/crop trees and the impact of harvesting intensity on the structure and consumption of productive time. We found that in terms of costs situational precommercial thinning is more rational than selective precommercial thinning, that harvesting intensity has a significant impact on time consumption and that the number of candidates or crop trees has a significant impact on time consumption as well as on the relationships between main and auxiliary productive time. The modeling has shown that situational thinning is an alternative to selective thinning and that, in addition to requiring smaller and more efficient harvesting machines, it offers a cost-effective and ergonomic option (more walking, less chainsaw operation) for the pre-commercial thinning of young forest.

Keywords:precommercial thinning, selective thinning, situational thinning, modeling, crop tree
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Number of pages:Str. 137-143
Numbering:Vol. 14, iss. 2
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Keywords:predkomercialno redčenje, izbiralno redčenje, modeliranje, ciljna drevesa

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