Does the urothelium of old mice regenerate after chitosan injury as quickly as the urothelium of young mice?
ID Erzar, Eva (Author), ID Kerec Kos, Mojca (Author), ID Lakota, Katja (Author), ID Veranič, Peter (Author), ID Erman, Andreja (Author)

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The aging of organisms leads to a decreased ability of tissue to regenerate after injury. The regeneration of the bladder urothelium after induced desquamation with biopolymer chitosan has been studied in young mice but not in old mice. Chitosan is a suitable inducer of urothelial desquamation because it is known to be non-toxic. We used chitosan for desquamation of urothelial cells in order to compare the dynamics of urothelial regeneration after injury between young and old mice. Our aim was to determine whether the urothelial function and structure of old mice is restored as fast as in young mice, and to evaluate the inflammatory response due to chitosan treatment. We discovered that the urothelial function restored comparably fast in both age groups and that the urothelium of young and old mice recovered within 5 days after injury, although the onset of proliferation and differentiation appeared later in old mice. Acute inflammation markers showed some differences in the inflammatory response in young versus old mice, but in both age groups, chitosan caused short-term acute inflammation. In conclusion, the restoration of urothelial function is not impaired in old mice, but the regeneration of the urothelial structure in old mice slightly lags behind the regeneration in young mice.

Keywords:urothelium, young mice, old mice, chitosan, regeneration, inflammation
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Publication date in RUL:12.03.2021
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