Pogonski sklop za mala električna vozila
Dernovšek, Miha (Author), Kuhar, Rok (Mentor) More about this mentor... This link opens in a new window

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V diplomski nalogi z naslovom Pogonski sklop za mala električna vozila sem raziskoval rolkanje, rolke in skiroje ter možnosti elektrificiranja. Poglobil sem se v zgodovino in razvoj skirojev, rolk in rolkanja ter se dotaknil problematike urbane mobilnosti. Skušal sem oblikovati rešitev, ki bi lah-ko vsako klasično rolko cenovno ugodno spremenila v električno rolko, ki se prilagaja vsakemu uporabniku.

Keywords:industrijsko oblikovanje električna vozila e-rolka e-skiro mobilnost diplomska naloga
Work type:Bachelor thesis/paper (mb11)
Organization:ALUO - Academy of Fine Arts and Design
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Secondary language

Title:Small electric vehicle powertrain
In my thesis titled Small electric vehicle powertrain I analyzed skateboarding, skateboards, scooters and their electrification options. I researched the history and development of the sport of skateboarding, skateboards and scooters. I brought some attention to the problem of urban mobility and tried to design a solution which can cost-effectively turn any existing skateboard into an electric one while being able to adapt to any end-user.

Keywords:industrial design electric vehicles e-board e-scooter mobility BA thesis

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