Vpliv stopnje realizma na uporabniško izkušnjo v navidezni resničnosti
VRANGELOSKI, BOJAN (Author), Guna, Jože (Mentor) More about this mentor... This link opens in a new window

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Ustvarjanje realizma v navidezni resničnosti je močno odvisno od psihološkega faktorja in premikanja uporabnika po navidezni resničnosti. Ključno je prepričati uporabnike, da verjamejo, da so nekje drugje. V diplomski nalogi poskušamo analizirati, kako različni načini upodabljanja navideznega avatarja vplivajo na uporabniško izkušnjo v navidezni resničnosti. V prvi polovici diplomske naloge raziskujemo zgodovino in teoretično ozadje navidezne resničnosti ter poskušamo razložiti pojme kot so: vživetost, prisotnost in dolina nelagodja, ki se uporabljajo v navidezni resničnosti. V drugi polovici se osredotočamo na razvoj in postopke, ki se uporabljajo za ustvarjanje 3D-avatarja, ter na njegov učinek na uporabniško izkušnjo.

Keywords:navidezna resničnost, upodabljanje, navidezni avatar, uporabniška izkušnja
Work type:Undergraduate thesis (m5)
Organization:FE - Faculty of Electrical Engineering
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Secondary language

Title:The influence of the degree of realism on the user experience in virtual reality
Creating realism in virtual reality is strongly dependent on the psychological factor and the user’s movement through the virtual reality. The key importance of virtual reality is to persuade the user into believing that they are elsewhere. In the thesis we will try to analyse, how different ways of rendering the virtual avatar influences the users experience in the virtual reality. In the first half of the thesis we have researched the history and the theoretical background of the virtual reality and additionally explained concepts like: immersion, presence and uncanny valley which are used in virtual reality. In the second half we have put our focus on the development and procedures, which are used in the creation of the 3D avatar, as well as its effect on the user experience.

Keywords:virtual reality, rendering, virtual avatar, user experience

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