Analiza učinkovitosti naravnega prezračevanja v proizvodni hali
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Pri analizi nas je zanimala učinkovitost naravnega prezračevanja v industrijskem objektu, natančneje v proizvodni hali, v kateri so močni lokalni vplivi visokih temperatur zaradi uporabljenih proizvodnih postopkov. Določala se je temperaturna učinkovitost in spreminjanje vlažnosti ozračja in temperature po višini, pri čemer smo v več zaporednih dneh merili ti dve veličini krajevno na posameznih mestih industrijske hale. Preko navedenih merjenih veličin se so opazile velike razlike zaradi zunanjih pogojev, ki so najbolj vplivali na notranje pogoje, medtem ko lokalni vplivi niso imeli tako bistvenih posledic.

Keywords:prezračevanje, naravno prezračevanje, učinkovitost, temperaturni gradient zraka, gradient absolutne vlažnosti zraka
Work type:Final paper (mb12)
Tipology:2.11 - Undergraduate Thesis
Organization:FS - Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Publisher:[N. Blatnik]
Number of pages:XIV, 32 f.
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Title:Analysis of the effectiveness of natural ventilation in a large industrial hall
In the analysis, we were interested in the effectiveness of natural ventilation in an industrial facility, more precisely in a large production hall where there are strong local influences of high temperatures due to the production procedures used. Temperature effectiveness of ventilation and changes in atmospheric humidity and temperature were determined by altitude, which were measured locally in several days at individual locations in the industrial hall. Through the above measured values, large differences were observed due to external conditions, which had the greatest impact on internal conditions, while local influences did not have such significant consequences.

Keywords:ventilation, natural ventilation, effectiveness, air temperature gradient, absolute humidity gradient

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