Transition between dissipatively stabilized helical states
Essink, Simon (Author), Wolff, Stefan (Author), Schütz, Gunter M. (Author), Kollath, Corinna (Author), Popkov, Vladislav (Author)

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We analyze a XXZ spin-1/2 chain which is driven dissipatively at its boundaries. The dissipative driving is modeled by Lindblad jump operators which only act on both boundary spins. In the limit of large dissipation, we find that the boundary spins are pinned to a certain value and at special values of the interaction anisotropy, the steady states are formed by a rank-2 mixture of helical states with opposite winding numbers. Contrarily to previous stabilizations of topological states, these helical states are not protected by a gap in the spectrum of the Lindbladian. By changing the anisotropy, the transition between these steady states takes place viamixed states of higher rank. In particular, crossing the value of zero anisotropy a totally mixed state is found as the steady state. The transition between the different winding numbers via mixed states can be seen in light of the transitions between different topological states in dissipatively driven systems. The results are obtained by developing a perturbation theory in the inverse dissipative coupling strength and using the numerical exact diagonalization and matrix product state methods.

Keywords:quantum mechanics
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Numbering:Vol. 2, iss. 2
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Name:Open Many-body Non-Equilibrium Systems


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Keywords:kvantna mehanika

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