Multiple wrinkling mode transitions in axially compressed cylindrical shell-substrate in dynamics
ID Lavrenčič, Marko (Author), ID Brank, Boštjan (Author), ID Brojan, Miha (Author)

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We propose an efficient computational model for predicting the surface wrinkling in axially compressed bi-layer cylindrical shell-substrate composites. To capture the transitions between the wrinkling modes in the far post-buckling regime, we use implicit dynamics. In this context we apply a generalized and an energy-decaying time stepping schemes that numerically dissipate in the high frequency range. The other components of the model are a geometrically exact, rotation-less, nonlinear shell finite element for the cylinder and an elastic foundation that represents the substrate. We show that the proposed computational model predicts the wrinkling pattern transition from axisymmetric to diamond-like mode, which is consistent with the numerical and laboratory experiments reported earlier. Furthermore, the results of our computational model show the existence of several diamond-like mode jumps in the post-buckling regime, a result that has not yet been reported for the axially compressed shell-substrate cylinders.

Keywords:civil engineering, thin-walled structures, shell-substrate cylindrical composite, axial compression, wrinkling pattern transition, mode jumping, dissipative implicit dynamics schemes
Work type:Article
Typology:1.01 - Original Scientific Article
Organization:FGG - Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering
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Number of pages:Str. 1-12
Numbering:Letn. 150, št. 1, 106700
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ISSN on article:0263-8231
DOI:10.1016/j.tws.2020.106700 This link opens in a new window
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Publication date in RUL:01.06.2020
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Title:Thin-walled structures
Shortened title:Thin-walled struct.
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Keywords:gradbeništvo, gradbene konstrukcije, cilindrični kompozit iz lupine in substrata, osni tlak, preskok oblike


Funder:ARRS - Agencija za raziskovalno dejavnost Republike Slovenije
Project number:J2-1722
Name:Numerično modeliranje širjenja razpok v krhkih in duktilnih konstrukcijah

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