Female sexual function and semantic differential items
Starc, Andrej (Author)

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Background: The purpose of the study was to evaluate the correlations between demographic variables and claims from the Female Sexual Function Index (FSFI), and questions from Semantic Differential Items of Female Sexual Function (SDIFSF). Data were collected through an online survey. Methods: Based on the Kolmogorov-Smirnov and Shapiro-Wilk test on six claims of FSFI, a non-parametric statistical analysis with the Spearman correlation coefficient and χ2-test were used. Statistical significance was set at p<0.05 Results: The sample consisted solely of female participants, aged from 18 to 89 years. Most of the participants (n=287; 66.9%) were in a relationships (but not married), were still students (n=178; 41.5%) and were Catholic (n=267; 62.2%). Conclusions: The youngest participants expressed the highest level of satisfaction after sexual intercourse and mostly take the initiative for sexual intercourse. However, they mostly experienced pain after sexual intercourse. Married participants had the highest level of experiencing an orgasm (in any way), were pleasantly aroused during and had feelings of satisfaction after sexual intercourse. The higher the level of education, the more positive effects were present during (experiencing an orgasm, lubrication) and feelings of satisfaction after sexual intercourse. However, at the same time, participants felt pain during and after sexual intercourse, were concerned whether their partners like them, and were concerned about not being mentally present (e.g. daydreaming or fantasising about being with someone else) during sexual intercourse. Participants with one sexual partner in the previous year experienced an orgasm during and felt satisfied after sexual intercourse but felt pain during sexual intercourse. With the increasing number of sexual partners, lubrication increased, as did pleasant arousal during sexual intercourse, and a feeling of satisfaction. Furthermore, pain was present during and after sexual intercourse.

Keywords:orgasm, clitoris, vagina, female sexual dysfunction, lubrication, arousal
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Organization:ZF - University College of Health Studies
Number of pages:Str. 197-207
Numbering:Vol. 4, no. 2
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Keywords:orgazem, klitoris, vagina, ženska spolna disfunkcija, lubrikacija, vzburjenje

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