Female sexual function and dysfunction : a cross national prevalence study in Slovenia
ID Starc, Andrej (Author), ID Jukić, Tomislav (Author), ID Poljšak, Borut (Author), ID Gošnak Dahmane, Raja (Author)

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The purpose of the current study was to evaluate the prevalence of female sexual dysfunction in Slovenia. We aimed to explore the prevalence itself, comparison among demographic groups and potential correlations. Data were collected based on the validated standardized Female Sexual Function Index (FSFI) (N=605). Most participants had sexual intercourse with one partner (n=523), and the majority of sexual relationships were heterosexual (n=584). University educated subjects had the highest claims of arousal, followed by those with master/doctoral degrees and college educated ones. The lowest level was expressed by subjects with elementary school. The youngest subjects (18-23 years) expressed the highest levels of desire and arousal, followed by the 24-29 age group. The 42-47 age group reported higher levels of lubrication and orgasm. The claim of satisfaction was highest in the 24-29 age group, while the pain was highest in the 42-47 age group. Strong correlation was found between the claims of desire and arousal (r=0.585), arousal and lubrication (r=0.879), lubrication and pain (r=0.856), orgasm and lubrication (r=0.856), satisfaction and orgasm (r=0.782), and pain and arousal (r=0.776) (p<0.001). We identified a 31% prevalence of female sexual dysfunction in Slovenia.

Keywords:women, orgasm, coitus, arousal, lubrication, pain, psychological sexual disfunction, physiological sexual disfunction, Slovenia
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Numbering:Vol. 57, no. 1
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Publication date in RUL:27.04.2020
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Title:Acta clinica Croatica
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Publisher:Klinička bolnica Sestre milosrdnice, Institut za kliničko-medicinska istraživanja
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Keywords:ženske, orgazem, koitus, vzburjenje, lubrikacija, bolečina, psihološka seksualna disfunkcija, fiziološka seksualna disfunkcija, Slovenija


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Project number:Komisija RS za medicinsko etiko 120/12/14
Name:Nacionalni projekt Prevalenčna epidemioloska raziskava: ženske spolne motnje v Sloveniji

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