An extreme may 2018 debris flood case study in northern Slovenia : analysis, modelling, and mitigation
ID Bezak, Nejc (Author), ID Jež, Jernej (Author), ID Sodnik, Jošt (Author), ID Jemec Auflič, Mateja (Author), ID Mikoš, Matjaž (Author)

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Debris floods can cause large economic damage and endanger human lives. This paper presents an extreme May 2018 debris flood that occurred in northern Slovenia near the Krvavec ski resort and caused large economic damage. The debris flood was initiated by an extreme rainfall event with a return period of over 50 years. There were large differences in the measured rainfall amounts using different equipment. The estimated volume of the debris material during the event was 4000 m3 /km2 for the Brezovški graben. In order to mitigate the risk due to future debris flood and debris flow events, a check is planned to be constructed. The part of the design process is presented in this paper. Additionally, RAMMS model was used to validate the empirical equations that were used in the process of the check dam stability design. The model was calibrated using information about the deposition area. Two adjacent torrents were modelled, and we were not able to find a common RAMMS parameter set that would yield adequate simulation performance in both cases

Keywords:debris floods, hyperconcentrated flows, Slovenia, RAMMS, numerical modelling, mitigation measures
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Publication date in RUL:18.03.2020
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Keywords:drobirska poplava, hiperkoncentriran tok, Slovenija, RAMMS, numerično modeliranje, zaščita

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