Clinical and histologic tissue responses of skin incisions closed with glycomer 631 and lactomer 9-1 using a subcuticular technique in pigs
ID Plavec, Tanja (Author), ID Švara, Tanja (Author), ID Zdovc, Irena (Author), ID Gombač, Mitja (Author), ID Damjanovska, Marija (Author), ID Stopar Pintarič, Tatjana (Author), ID Cvetko, Erika (Author), ID Seliškar, Alenka (Author)

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Background: Glycomer 631 and lactomer 9–1 are absorbable suture materials indicated for soft tissue approximation in non-infected wounds. Pigs are often used as surgical models in translational research; however, reports of tissue reactions to both suture materials in pigs are limited. The aim of this study was to assess clinical and histologic responses of skin incisions closed with a subcuticular technique using glycomer 631 and lactomer 9–1 in pigs. Results: Skin incisions on 17 pigs were closed with glycomer 631 and lactomer 9–1, and a clinical reactive score (CRS) including erythema, swelling, discharge and dehiscence was calculated on postoperative days 7 and 14. Subcuticular tissue reaction was assessed histologically on postoperative day 14 (the presence of extravascular neutrophils, macrophages, multinucleated giant cells, lymphocytes, fibroblasts, bacterial colonies and the overall severity of the inflammatory response to the suture material), and the cumulative score of the variables was calculated as an aggregate tissue irritation score (ATIS). Tissue samples were examined for suture extrusion and evaluated microbiologically. The clinical reactive score did not differ between the suture materials. Only one ATIS variable, namely the overall severity of the inflammatory response, was lower (p = 0.029) when glycomer 631 was used. Suture extrusion was found in 10/17 of the incisions closed by glycomer 631 and in 7/13 of the incisions closed by lactomer 9–1. Trueperella pyogenes was isolated from the skin and from the area of tissue reaction in six pigs. Conclusions: No difference in CRS between the suture materials was observed, and thus both materials may be used for the subcuticular technique in pigs. Glycomer 631 induced less tissue reaction only in terms of the overall severity of the inflammatory response. Suture extrusion was observed in more than 50% of incisions regardless of the suture material, possibly due to a large amount of suture material in the wound. Trueperella pyogenes was the only pathogen isolated from the tissue surrounding the suture material.

Keywords:dermatologic surgical procedures - veterinary, skin - anatomy and histology, suture techniques, wound healing, swine, absorbable suture material, glycomer 631, lactomer 9–1, tissue reaction, Trueperella pyogenes, pig
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Organization:VF - Veterinary Faculty
MF - Faculty of Medicine
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Publication date in RUL:28.02.2020
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Title:BMC veterinary research
Publisher:Springer Nature
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