Construction 4.0 - digital transformation of one of the oldest industries
ID Klinc, Robert (Author), ID Turk, Žiga (Author)

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In the early 2010s, the German industry started their reform and revival under the keyword "Industrie Vier Punkt Null". The European Unions strategies adopted most of the ideas and member states followed. The European construction industry too stared to explore how to benefit from it. In this review paper, we explain the ideas behind Industry 4.0. We present aspects of Industry 4.0: what it means for the customer, business and industry as a whole. Based on that framework we analysed the potentials of Industry 4.0 in the construction industry and where due to some specifics of the industry construction is actually ahead in adopting the Industry 4.0 concepts.

Keywords:industrial policy, industry 4.0, construction 4.0, building information modelling, BIM, cyber-physical systems
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Organization:FGG - Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering
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Publication date in RUL:13.02.2020
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Title:Economic and business review
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Keywords:industrijska politika, industrija 4.0, gradbeništvo 4.0, informacijsko modeliranje gradenj, BIM, kibernetsko-fizični sistemi

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