Applicability of platelet- and extracellular vesicle-rich plasma in medicine
Vozel, Domen (Author), Jeran, Marko (Author), Božič, Darja (Author), Pađen, Ljubiša (Author), Pajnič, Manca (Author), Uršič, Bojana (Author), Kralj-Iglič, Veronika (Author), Battelino, Saba (Author)

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Platelet-rich plasma is a blood-derived product with proven favourable effects after a local application in various healing disorders. It is also rich with extracellular vesicles - a heterogeneous group of nano- to micro-sized membranous structures -that are considered as the main mediators of regenerative effects. Hence, the prepared blood product can be suitably named »platelet- and extracellular vesicle-rich plasma«. Platelets and platelet- derived extracellular vesicles are not only important in haemostasis, but also in the immune response. Platelets are the most numerous blood immune cells. They are also the main source of blood-derived extracellular vesicles. Extracellular vesicles play an important role in intra- and intercellular communication, therefore they can be utilised in diagnosis and treatment. Platelet- and extracellular vesicle-rich plasma is being used for almost three decades in different fields of medicine, especially in surgery, due to its favourable regenerative properties. However, extracellular vesicles are seldom described in clinical studies that consider the platelet-rich plasma. Based on the molecular mechanisms of the healing process, functions of platelets and platelet-derived extracellular vesicles, platelet- and extracellular vesicle-rich plasma offers an important therapeutic solution in different diseases. Application of platelet- and extracellular vesicle-rich plasma is inexpensive and safe, however its preparation requires advanced laboratory skills. An article contains a description of this blood product and reported experiences on its use. We also present our recent advances which are a product of a collaboration of researchers from medical and biomedical fields. This collaboration leads to an advancement in the treatment modalities in different fields of medicine, also otorhinolaryngology and cervicofacial surgery.

Keywords:platelets, platelet-rich plasma, extracellular vesicles, regenerative effects, haemostasis, immune response, blood immune cells
Tipology:1.08 - Published Scientific Conference Contribution
Organization:ZF - University College of Health Studies
Number of pages:Str. 25-36
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Record is a part of a monograph

Title:Sokratska predavanja
Subtitle:zbornik recenziranih prispevkov
Publisher:Zdravstvena fakulteta, = Faculty of Health Sciences
COBISS.SI-ID:302959104 This link opens in a new window
Place of publishing:Ljubljana
Editors:Veronika Kralj-Iglič

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