Synthesis of a water-soluble fluorescent active compound and its potential use for labeling of cancerous urothelial bladder cells
Jeran, Marko (Author), Pečavar Nežmah, Patrik (Author), Erdani-Kreft, Mateja (Author)

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Bladder cancer is the ninth most common cancerous disease in the world, whose incidence in Slovenia is expected to increase by 45% in men and 105% in women by the year 2020. Therefore, new methods of early diagnosis of bladder cancer are essential. Fluorescent dyes represent an appropriate tool because they emit cold light and may be used for labelling the cells in tumours. Our research was aimed at differentiating between healthy (normal) and cancerous bladder urothelial cells. We developed a water-soluble fluorescence derivative of fluorescein, sodium disulfonate (SUF), which is an organic compound and emits intense fluorescence. Next, we tested its influence on the viability of normal and cancerous urothelial cells and tried to distinguish between the normal and cancerous urothelial cells using a fluorescence microscope. We analysed if SUF can be used in cancer cell diagnostic and examined its potential for targeted therapy as an alternative to the currently used fluorescent dyes, which are more expensive and harder to obtain, and with this approach make such research more accessible. The results of the study have shown that SUF is not toxic to urothelial cells and that it may be used to distinguish between healthy and cancerous urothelial cells, based on the way of labelling. SUF was proven to be a useful fluorescent marker. Importantly, its structure also allows other functional groups or anti-cancerous substances to be added through advanced synthesis strategies.

Keywords:bladder cancer, cancerous bladder urothelial cells, cell labelling, early diagnosis, sodium disulfonate, fluorescent dye
Tipology:1.08 - Published Scientific Conference Contribution
Organization:ZF - University College of Health Studies
Number of pages:Str. 49-62
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Publisher:Zdravstvena fakulteta, = Faculty of Health Sciences
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Place of publishing:Ljubljana
Editors:Veronika Kralj-Iglič


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