Analysis of dimensionality of food safety culture : an empirical examination of a Slovenian food processing company
ID Zabukošek, Martina (Author), ID Jevšnik, Mojca (Author), ID Maletič, Matjaž (Author)

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An emerging research field called “food safety culture” is still largely unexplored. According to the identified gap in the literature, this study aims to develop and empirically validate the conceptual model of food safety culture, especially from the perspective of the employees. The research was carried out in a medium-sized food enterprise (220 employees) which has well-developed food safety management systems in order to ensure compliance with the legislation and the corresponding standards. Exploratory factor analysis was used to uncover the dimensions of food safety culture as well as to assess convergent validity. Furthermore, a multiple regression analysis was applied to assess the contribution of food safety culture dimensions to training efficiency and risk judgement. The demographical features of the employees (gender, age, education, and professional experience) revealed to have no influence on employees’ food safety culture. Moreover, we empirically tested the reliability and validity of food safety measurement scales (leadership and co-worker support, communication, self-commitment of the employees, environment support, work pressure, risk awareness and training efficiency), which can all affect the employees’ attitude towards food safety. Drawing upon theoretical foundations and empirical results, one can conclude that the ongoing employee training and development regarding food safety leads to the development of food safety culture and enhancement of employees’ commitment to the organization.

Keywords:food safety, training, employees
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Keywords:kultura varnosti živil, zaposleni, usposabljanje

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