Vpliv oblike utorov na rezalnih ploščicah na obdelovalnost materiala Ck 45
Peterle, Nejc (Author), Pušavec, Franci (Mentor) More about this mentor... This link opens in a new window

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V diplomskem delu je predstavljen vpliv oblike utora na rezalnih ploščicah na obdelovalnosti materiala Ck45. Podane so teoretične osnove, podrobneje so predstavljene rezalne sile, oblika odrezkov in hrapavost obdelane površine. Predstavljen je tudi vpliv utora na rezalnih ploščicah na obdelovalnost materiala. Eksperimentalno delo zajema analizo vpliva oblike utora na cepilni ploskvi rezalne ploščice na obdelovalnost materiala Ck45. Obdelovalnost se je ocenjevala s pomočjo naslednjih cenilk: z rezalnimi silami, oblikami odrezkov in hrapavostjo obdelane površine. Na osnovi teh cenilk se je sklepalo na najbolj ugodno obliko utora na rezalni ploščici pri struženju materiala Ck45.

Keywords:struženje, material Ck45, utori na cepilnih ploskvah, rezalne sile, odrezki, hrapavost površine
Work type:Bachelor thesis/paper (mb11)
Organization:FS - Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
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Title:Influence of cutting tool texturing on machinability of Ck 45 steel
The diploma thesis presents the influence of rake face texturing on machinability of ck 45 steel. Firstly, theoretical points are given; cutting force, chip shapes and surface roughness are explained in detail. Afterwards, in the empirical part of the thesis, detailed analysis is carried out in order to determine the influence of rake face texturing on machinability of ck 45 steel. The machinability was evaluated using following estimators: cutting force, chip shapes and surface roughness. Rake face texturing, which provided lowest cutting force, favorable chip shapes and best surface roughness was considered as optimal when turning ck 45 steel.

Keywords:turning, Ck45 steel, rake face texturing, cutting force, chip shapes, surface roughness

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