Kemijski procesi pri stereolitografiji in vloga kisika pri njih
Hočevar, Filip (Author), Valentinčič, Joško (Mentor) More about this mentor... This link opens in a new window, Lebar, Andrej (Co-mentor)

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V zaključni nalogi so na osnovi pregleda literature predstavljene informacije o stereolitografiji in fotopolimerizaciji. Na podlagi fotopolimerizacije s prostimi radikali in kationsko iniciirano fotopolimerizacijo je narejena primerjava med posameznimi fotopolimernimi smolami za stereolitografijo. Predstavljeni so tako načini inhibicije kisika kot tudi načini za zmanjšanje njegove inhibicije pri fotopolimerizaciji. Na podlagi dveh modelov za prikaz inhibicije kisika pri fotopolimerizaciji je narejena primerjava med vplivnimi parametri.

Keywords:stereolitografija, fotopolimerizacija, fotopolimerne smole, obsevanje, kisik
Work type:Final paper (mb12)
Tipology:2.11 - Undergraduate Thesis
Organization:FS - Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Publisher:[F. Hočevar]
Number of pages:XIV, 32 f.
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Secondary language

Title:Chemical processes in stereolitothography and the role of oxygen
In this thesis, information based on a literature review about stereolithography and polymerization is presented. Based on free radical and cationic photopolymerization the comparison between different photopolymer resins for stereolithography was made. In addition to oxygen inhibition pathways, strategies to reduce oxygen inhibition was presented. Then the thesis deals with comparison between variables of two models, which demonstrated the impact of oxygen inhibition during photopolymerization.

Keywords:stereolithography, photopolymerization, photopolymer resins, irradiation, oxygen

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