Vpliv lege poslovnega prostora v zgradbi na kvaliteto toplotnega okolja in ugodja
Kellner, Žan (Author), Prek, Matjaž (Mentor) More about this mentor... This link opens in a new window

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Zanimal nas je vpliv lege prostora v zgradbi. Z merjenjem temperature zraka v prostoru, vlažnosti zraka v prostoru in srednje sevalne temperature je bilo dokazano, da se razlikuje kvaliteta toplotnega okolja, kot tudi toplotno ugodje glede na to ali je prostor na vzhodni ali zahodni strani. Temperature zraka v prostoru se po stavbi razlikujejo glede na to, na kateri strani neba leži prostor, odvisne pa so od časa. Razlike v temperaturi prostora so lahko tudi do 3 °C, razlika v kategorijah pa je lahko tudi za dve kategoriji, odvisno od dneva.

Keywords:vpliv lege prostora, toplotno ugodje, adaptivni modeli, Fangerjev model, toplotno okolje, sončno sevanje
Work type:Final paper (mb12)
Tipology:2.11 - Undergraduate Thesis
Organization:FS - Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Publisher:[Ž. Kellner]
Number of pages:XV, 38 f.
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Title:The impact of the position of office in the building on quality of the environment and comfort
We enquire into impact of position of office in the building. With measuring air temperature and humidity and measurement of mean radiant temperature, we have proved that there is a difference in quality of thermal environment and thermal comfort depending on whether the office lies on east or west side. Based on the cardinal direction and part of the day, there are differences in air temperatures in offices. The differences can be up to 3 °C. Thermal quality category can be up to 2 classes higher in one office, depending on part of the day.

Keywords:ipmact of position, thermal comfort, adaptive models, Fanger model, thermal environment, solar radiation

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