Vpliv temperature na mehansko obstojnost odtisov s kapljičnim tiskalnikom
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Namen diplomske naloge je bil ugotoviti, kako nizka temperatura ali njeno nihanje vpliva na mehansko obstojnost odtisov. Preučevani so bili odtisi, natisnjeni s kapljičnim tiskalnikom na dve vrsti papirja. Naloga je obsegala oblikovanje merskih tablic, ki so vključevale polja štirih različnih barv (cian, magenta, rumena, črna) 50% in 100% pokritosti, ter polja z različnimi tipografijami in izdelavo odtisov, ki so bili potem izpostavljeni različnim temperaturam (-12 °C, -6 °C, sobna temperatura, izmenična temperatura), preverjanju odpornosti odtisov na drgnenje in primerjavo barvnih razlik pred in po drgnenju. Ugotovljeno je bilo, da izpostavlljenot nizkim temperaturam vpliva na mehanske obstojnosti odtisov, zlasti na obstojnost na drgnenje. Odpornost odtisov z besedilom je bila analizirana na podlagi mikroskopiranja. Rezultati so pokazali, da se mehanske odpornosti odtisov pri različnih temperaturah razlikujejo. Pri temperaturi -12°C so se po drgnjenju pojavile največje barvne razlike. Odtisi različnih barv so bili različno obstojni na nizke temperature. Največje barvne razlike so nastale na cian odtisih. Tudi vrsta papirja vpliva na mehanske obstojnosti odtisa. Ugotovljeno je bilo, da so na sijajno premazanem papirju barvne razlike po drgnenju večje.

Keywords:barvni odtis, temperatura, mehanska obstojnost, kapljični tisk, obstojnost na drgnjenje
Work type:Bachelor thesis/paper (mb11)
Organization:NTF - Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering
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Title:The impact of temperature on mechanical stability of prints made with inkjet printing
The purpose of the study was to define how the temperature affects different imprints on different kinds of paper. Materials and imprints can be very different from each other, so we try as much as possible to influence on different factors for the best quality image and stability of the final product. Because the products are subjected to different conditions, also factors differ. Some materials, especially the packaging papers must be resistant to a number of factors such as tempretarure, as it is expected that they will have to be stored and will need a longer lifespam. In this paper we took two different samples of paper and made prints. We had two different patterns, one with lettering and one with colors. When the prints were made they were tested in various conditions to verify their stability. They were previusly exposed to different temperatures for 7 days (-6 °C, -12 °C and room temperature). By comparing the color differences, it was determined which temperature had the most impact on the prints and which colors had the most damage. The results showed that the prints, which were exposed to the lowest temperature had the most damage. The biggest color differences were on cian prints. Different kind of paper also affects the mechanical stability of the prints. Color differences on glossy caoted paper were bigger, than the ones on matt coated paper.

Keywords:color print, temperature, mechanical stability, inkjet printing, rub tester

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