Vmesniki za ogrodje arcControlTower
MERLJAK, JAKOB (Author), Lotrič, Uroš (Mentor) More about this mentor... This link opens in a new window, Filipčič, Andrej (Co-mentor)

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Obstoječa orodja za upravljanje poslov vmesne programske opreme ARC omogočajo le najbolj enostavne operacije na poslih. Z naraščanjem števila poslov se povečuje tudi zahtevnost upravljanja poslov s temi orodji. Poleg tega večina obstoječih orodij ne omogoča upravljanja poslov na več gručah hkrati. Ogrodje arcControlTower (aCT) je namenjeno učinkovitemu upravljanju velikega števila poslov na več gručah, vendar nima primernega uporabniškega vmesnika. Zato smo ogrodju najprej dodali programski vmesnik za upravljanje poslov. S programskim vmesnikom smo nato implementirali vmesnik za ukazno vrstico, ki je najbolj razširjen uporabniški vmesnik v orodjih za upravljanje poslov. Implementirali smo tudi vmesnik REST, ki omogoča strežniško postavitev ogrodja, saj zanimanje za takšno postavitev narašča. Dodani uporabniški vmesniki so nam omogočili, da smo ogrodje aCT uporabili kot orodje za upravljanje več tisoč poslov eksperimenta ATLAS.

Keywords:porazdeljeni sistemi, sistemi za upravljanje poslov, vmesna programska oprema
Work type:Bachelor thesis/paper (mb11)
Organization:FRI - Faculty of computer and information science
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Title:Interfaces for arcControlTower
Existing tools for ARC-middleware job management provide only basic operations. The effort required for job management using these tools increases with the number of jobs to execute. Most of the existing tools also lack capabilities to manage jobs on multiple clusters. The arcControlTower (aCT) is a job management framework that can efficiently manage thousands of jobs over many clusters. However, it lacks a user interface that would enable its use as an alternative to other tools. Our goal was to extend aCT to enable the creation of various user interfaces. We achieved that by adding application programming interface (API) to aCT. Then, we have developed command line interface (CLI) using the API as this type of interface is the most commonly used among job management tools. Moreover, we have developed REST interface that enables a server setup of aCT since the web access to computing resources is becoming more and more popular. The user interface enabled us to use aCT for managing several thousands of jobs from the ATLAS experiment.

Keywords:distributed systems, job management systems, middleware

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