Theoretical framework for estimating a product's reliability using a variable-amplitude loading spectrum and a stress-based approach
Moral Portalés, Rubén (Author), Bochons Sania, María del Mar (Author), Klemenc, Jernej (Author)

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An innovative approach for predicting the reliability of a structure that is subject to a variable-amplitude dynamic load is presented. In this approach, a Gassner durability curve with its scatter is modelled using a 2-parametric Weibull's probability density function (PDF). The trend of the Gassner durability curve is modelled with a general hyperbola equation in a log-log scale. The hyperbola equation is applied to represent the durability curve for the 63.2% probability of fatigue failure that describes the dependency of the Weibull's scale parameter on the loading spectrum's maximum stress. Equations are derived to link the parameters of the hyperbola curve to the material's S-N curve and the loading spectrum. The Weibull's shape parameter is estimated from the scatter of the material's S-N curve. The proposed Gassner-curve model is applied to calculate the fatigue reliability from the PDF of the loading spectrum's maximum stress and the PDF of the durability-curve's amplitude stress for the selected number of loading-cycles-to-failure. Method for predicting reliability of the structures with a spectrum loading is presented. Durability curve and its scatter are modelled with a 2-parametric Weibull's PDF. Scale parameter of the Weibull's PDF is modelled using a general hyperbola equation. Reliability is calculated on the basis of the modelled durability curve with its scatter.

Keywords:durability curve, fatigue life reliability, S‐N curve, variable‐amplitude loading, 2‐parametric Weibull PDF
Work type:Article (dk_c)
Tipology:1.01 - Original Scientific Article
Organization:FS - Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Number of pages:Str. 1662-1673
Numbering:Vol. 41, iss. 8
ISSN on article:8756-758X
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Title:Fatigue & fracture of engineering materials & structures
Shortened title:Fatigue fract. eng. mater. struct.
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Keywords:krivulja trajnosti, zanesljivost življenjske dobe utrujenosti, krivulja S-N, obremenitev s spremenljivo amplitudo, 2-parametrični Weibull PDF

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