Functional ITS on Slovenian motorways
Zorin, Ulrich (Avtor), Rijavec, Robert (Avtor), Pirc, Jure (Avtor), Gostiša, Blaž (Avtor), Gorup, Savin (Avtor)

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The road transport has seen many changes in last 10 years in Slovenia. Finishing of Motorway cross (parts of EU corridors 5 and 10) the country has moved in new era of faster, more accessible road traffic. At the same time many ITS systems were installed and upgraded to ensure smooth and safe traffic flow at the increasing traffic volumes. Several new tunnels were built, most notably Šentvid motorway tunnel, which has highest daily volume of all Slovenian tunnels. New traffic safety systems which were installed are presented in the paper. Open road traffic safety and driver information systems, largest national road ITS project, are also detailed. Advances have been made in the area of road weather sensors with unified information system and in emergency call systems with gradual transition to VoIP architecture. Four regional motorway control centres with full-time staff were established with all necessary infrastructures to monitor traffic situation and react in case of dangerous events by using VMSes or deploying field units. The focus ofITS in Slovenia was therefore on motorways, but there were several successful projects also outside of this scope. The intersection system of city of Ljubljana was increased from 117 to 207 intersections under central system control. Also, with entrance of Slovenia in Schengen area in 2007, the new customs service information system was put into operation featuring cargo vehicle control and tracking at the border crossings. This paper describes these various ITS project and experience learned during their installation and operation. It also provides some ideas for future development and enhancements

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Naslov:Smarter on the way : Proceedings
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Jezik:Angleški jezik
Ključne besede:inteligentni transportni sistemi, SNVP, predori

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