A challenging game of books and the free interplay of cultural transfer
Škulj, Jola (Author)

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Razpravljanje o knjigi in kulturni ekonomiji odpira ključno problematiko pisne kulture in besedilnih transakcij. Literatura kot zapisana beseda je "osirotel jezik" (Caruth), zato branja zaposlujejo prvoosebno zavest, vpletajo svet semiosfere in tako v besedila interpolirajo subjektivno razsežnost, kar neizbežno vpliva tudi na kulturni transfer.

Keywords:book history, the culture of writing, literature, textual indeterminacy, semiosphere, reading, cultural transfer, the world literary system
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Publisher:Slovensko društvo za primerjalno književnost
Number of pages:str. 165-175
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Title:Primerjalna književnost
Shortened title:Primer. književ.
Publisher:Slovensko društvo za primerjalno književnost
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Secondary language

Discussing the book and its cultural economy, this paper opens up key issues of the culture of writing and of textual transactions. Literature as written words is "orphaned language" (Caruth) that results in the fact that readings keep the first-person consciousness alert and involve the realm of the semiosphere, and thus interpolate a subjective dimension into texts, leaving inevitable consequences for cultural transfer as well.

Keywords:zgodovina knjige, pisna kultura, literatura, besedilna nedoločenost, semiosfera, branje, kulturni transfer, svetovni literarni sistem

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