Kolaborativni slovar Razvezani jezik
Dolar, Kaja (Author)

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V zadnjih petnajstih letih smo priča razcvetu t. i. kolaborativnih slovarjev, ki jih na spletu piše širše bralstvo. V naši študiji preučujemo delovanje, obliko in posebnosti kolaborativnih slovarjev, ki sodijo na področje participativne leksikografije. Pod drobnogled smo vzeli Razvezani jezik - Prosti slovar žive slovenščine . Podrobneje se posvečamo analizi vsebine kolaborativnih slovarjev.

Keywords:slovenščina, leksikografija, semantika, leksikalna semantika, kolaborativni slovar, slovarji, Razvezani jezik, internet
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Publisher:Slavistično društvo Slovenije
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Numbering:Letn. 62, št. 2
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Title:Slavistična revija
Publisher:Slavistično društvo Slovenije
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Secondary language

In the last fifteen years we have witnessed a proliferation of the so-called collaborative dictionaries, which have been compiled online by a broader audience. The present paper analyzes functioning, form, and peculiarities of collaborative dictionaries in the context of participatory lexicography. The author examines Razvezani jezik - Prosti slovar žive slovenščine [The Tongue Untied-A Free Dictionary of the Living Slovene Language] , which is varied in its content and rich in its linguistic inventions. Most attention is devoted to the analysis of selected linguistic phenomena that affect the very content of collaborative dictionaries, e.g., the topic of proper names, which leads to the broader issue of metalanguage and its forms in the entries of collaborative dictionaries.

Keywords:Slovenian language, lexicography, semantics, lexical semantics, collaborative dictionary, dictionaries, Razvezani jezik, Internet

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