Primerjava zadovoljstva bolnikov po oskrbi s spodnjo totalno protezo brez in z zobnimi vsadki
Gačnik, Jure (Author), Ihan Hren, Nataša (Author)

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Backgrounds. Treatment of total edentulism with implant-supported overdenture is an established alternative to the conventional removable denture, especially in the case of poor anatomical conditions in the mandible. The aim of our study was to estimate the difference in satisfaction based on the quality oflife aspect in totally edentulous Slovenian patients treated with mandibular implant-supported overdentures or conventional removable dentures by using a standardized questionnaire. Methods. The study enrolled 50 patientstreated with mandibular implant-supported overdentures and 63 patientstreated with conventional removable dentures. This number also includes 8 patients with very po or anatomical conditions who were followed-upprospectively and asked to rate their satisfaction with the prostheses prior to and after treatment with implant-supported overdentures. The patients were asked to complete a custom questionnaire about their generalhealth and prosthetic treatment and the standardized Oral Health Impact Profile questionnaire, which assesses physical dysfunction as well as the social and psychological influence ofvarious dysfunctions and diseases of the stomatognathic system and their influence on general health. Results. Patients treated with implant-supported overdenture are generally more satisfied than those treated with conventional removable dentures (p < 0.01), which is even more obvious in the prospectively assessed group of patients. Questions for assessing functionallimitations of the stomatognathic system andprosthetic appliances and physical pain in the stomatognathic system yielded statistically significant differences (p::; 0.05) between the two group s in ~ 50% of answers. In other group s of questions assessing psychosocial and general handicap, a statistically significant difference (p::; 0.05) was found in less than 50% of answers in a particular group of questions. (Abstract truncated at 2000 characters)

Keywords:Ankete, Bolnik, zadovoljstvo, Dental Prosthesis Design, Dental Prosthesis, Implant-Supported, Denture, Complete, Lower, pacienti, Patient Satisfaction, Questionnaires, zadovoljstvo, Zobna proteza popolna, spodnja, Zobna proteza, načrtovanje, Zobna proteza, z vsadkom podprta, zobne proteze, zobni vsadki
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Tipology:1.01 - Original Scientific Article
Organization:MF - Faculty of Medicine
Publisher:Medicinski razgledi
Number of pages:str. 375-390
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ISSN on article:0025-8121
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Title:Satisfaction of patients treated with implant-suported mandibular overdenture compared to patients treated with conventional denture

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