Projekt referenčnih ambulant družinske medicine v Sloveniji
Poplas-Susič, Tonka (Author), Švab, Igor (Author), Kersnik, Janko (Author)

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Background: Primary health care has undergonegreat changes as a consequence of demographicchanges, growing patients awareness and organizationalchanges in the healthcare system. Declininginterest in family medicine specialization furtherworsens the situation. In the period of lackof GPs and their overloading, it is necessary toinclude a diploma graduate nurse in the team ofGPs and to define competencies and activities insuch a way that encourage more active approachto the patients, meeting the indicators of quality.The purpose of the article is to describe the projectof model practice in Slovenia and to presentsome results.Methods: A model practice introduces a newconcept in the areas of human resource standards(to existing team, a diploma graduatenurse is included on a part-time basis); workcompetences (use of protocols for the treatmentof chronic patients, extended and well-definedpreventive screenings, establishing registers ofchronic patients and assessing quality by meansof quality indicators) and work management (redistributionof workload ).Results: Due to great interest of general practitioners,a total of 271 model practices wereintroduced in 2011 and 2012. MPs have been distributed evenly through different regions in Slovenia. Registers of patients with chronic diseases(COPD, asthma and diabetes) have beenestablished and during the preventive screening,on average 2 patients with a chronic disease and15 patients with risk factors have been detected.Patients are treated actively according to theirneeds rather than their preferences. Conclusions: The project of MPs enables a highquality and cost effectiveness of patients treatmentin family medicine. With a gradual introducingof new MPs, a well planed and monitoredpatients care will be implemented in the practice.In a long run, disburdening of a secondarycare level and more rational consumption ofdrugs are expected.

Keywords:družinska medicina, kakovost, referenčne ambulante
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Title:The project of model practices in family medicine in Slovenia
Keywords:family medicine, quality, model practices

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