The impact of strain rate on sheet metal formability at room temperature
Pepelnjak, Tomaž (Author), Smoljanić, Sanja (Author)

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It is known that in warm and hot forming the forming speed and with it combined strain rate has immense role on material flow in bulk and sheet metal operations. In contrast, the influence of the strain rate on the flow curve is only rarely analyzed at room temperature. Presented work analyzes the influence of strain rate on flow curve of DC04 deep drawing material obtained by the uni-axial tensile test. After the evaluation of the flow curves as a function of strain rate the deep drawing of box-shaped test specimen was performed with two drawing speeds. The influence of the forming speed on the forming force and onset of necking was analyzed.

Keywords:sheet metal forming, deep drawing, strain rate, room temperature forming
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Tipology:1.01 - Original Scientific Article
Organization:FS - Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Number of pages:str. 3-8
Numbering:Vol. 60, no. 1
ISSN on article:1408-7073
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Title:RMZ - Materials and geoenvironment
Shortened title:RMZ-mater. geoenviron.
Publisher:Naravoslovnotehniška fakulteta, Inštitut za rudarstvo, geotehnologijo in okolje
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Secondary language

Title:Vpliv hitrosti deformacije na preoblikovalnost pločevine v hladnem stanju
Hitrost deformacije je pri preoblikovanju v toplem in vročem stanju ključni parameter procesa tako pri preoblikovanju pločevine kot tudi pri masivnem preoblikovanju. Nasprotno od tega je vpliv hitrosti preoblikovanja le redko analiziran za preoblikovanje v hladnem. V članku je analiziran vpliv hitrosti deformacije na krivuljo plastičnosti jekla za globoki vlek kakovosti DC04, pridobljeno z enoosnim nateznim preizkusom. Po ovrednotenju krivulj plastičnosti v odvisnosti od hitrosti deformacije smo z dvema hitrostima izvedli tudi globoki vlek preizkusne pravokotne škatle. Opazovali smo potek preoblikovalne sile in lokalizacijo materiala v odvisnosti od preoblikovalne hitrosti.

Keywords:preoblikovanje pločevine, globoki vlek, hitrost deformacije, hladno preoblikovanje

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