Genomic distribution of beta papillomaviruses in single eyebrow hair samples and pools of eyebrow hair samples
Fujs Komloš, Kristina (Author), Kocjan, Boštjan (Author), Šterbenc, Anja (Author), Jelen, Mateja (Author), Seme, Katja (Author), Košorok, Pavle (Author), Poljak, Mario (Author)

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Human beta papillomaviruses (beta-HPVs) are frequently detected in hairs and the majority of people are infected with multiple beta-HPV genotypes. This study was conducted to investigate for the first time the distribution of beta-HPV genotypes in single hair specimens and to estimate the contribution of a single hair to the beta-HPV profile obtained from a specimen made of multiple hairs pooled together. A total of 85 eyebrow hair specimens, representing 64 single hairs and 21 pools of hairs, obtained from 21 immunocompetent individuals, were tested using a reverse-line blot-based beta-HPV genotyping assay that allows identification of 25 different beta-HPVs. Overall, beta-HPV DNA was detected in 82/84 (97.6%) samples. The great majority of hair pools (19/21; 90.5%) contained multiple beta-HPVs, the mean number of identified beta-HPV genotypes per hair pool was 5.2 (ranging from 1 to 12). In individual hairs, the great majority of individual hairs (43/63; 68.3%) contained multiple beta-HPVs, the mean number of identified beta-HPV genotypes was 4 (ranging from 1 to 12). Overall, HPV-23 was the most prevalent genotype, followed by HPV-24 and HPV-38. A comparison of beta-HPV genotype distribution in pooled hair specimens and in at least one individual hair within a single patient revealed that 5/20 patients had a complete match between the number and profile of identified genotypes, 2/20 patients had the same/similar number of HPV genotypes but different genotype profile, 9/20 patients had more HPV genotypes identified in pools than in the majority of individual hairs and 4/20 patients had at least one individual hair with more HPV genotypes identified than in the corresponding pool. Our results suggest that beta-HPVs are unevenly distributed over the eyebrows and even pools made of several hairs do not necessarily provide information on the whole spectrum of HPV genotypes present in eyebrows.

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Title:Acta dermatovenerologica Alpina, Panonnica et Adriatica
Shortened title:Acta dermatovenerolog. Alp. Panon. Adriat.
Publisher:Slovene Welding Society
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