New reflections on the protection of World Heritage in the future: Global symbolic meaning of autochthonous and indigenous origins of water navigation
Erič, Miran (Author)

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The findings of prehistoric logboats, dugout canoes and other vessels all over the world mark the beginning of shipbuilding and transportation traditions. The part of this important world heritage landscape is also Ljubljansko barje. This great story of transportation on water, which is closely linked to man’s traditional coexistence with water and his life in aquatic environments, has a strong symbolic meaning since the vast majority of humanity lives near the seas, lakes and rivers. In the general story of shipping traditions, shipbuilding and vessel typology in the framework of world heritage, the simple prehistoric vessels as logboats, canoe, basket boats, reed boats, bamboo rafts, etc. are, have not been paid enough attention so far, although they definitely deserve it, as they represent the origins of the mankind’s navigational tradition.

Keywords:Logboats, prehistoric vessels, heritage protections, museums, culture park, UNESCO World heritage, IT technology, integration, Ljubljansko barje, Slovenia
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