Digital airbrush
Batagelj, Borut (Author), Marovt, Jakob (Author), Troha, Miha (Author), Mahnič, Dominik (Author)

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The basic idea is simple: graffiter paints with a specially modified can, which when pressed on the cap does not leave color traces, but emits infrared light. The computer application draws the appropriate graffiti on the canvas, which is positioned in front of the graffiter. Infrared camera provides detection of the light source for the application, which then correctly determines the color, size and density (the graffiter regulates these parameters through the speed buttons, which are located on the can) and in the end of this process, the current drawing track is projected on the canvas. The most important algorithms used in the implementation of the software solution are: an algorithm for locating the brightest area, the algorithm for the implementation of the drops and the algorithm for interpolation. Important component of simulation is also a Bluetooth connection to the Arduino BT platform, which is connected to three potentiometers. These are used by graffiter to manipulate painting parameters. The results of extensive tests have shown that the prototype has potential and that the final simulation perfectly follows the basic idea. The problem occurs only in the lack of quality of the equipment (infrared camera, computer power) for full implementation.

Keywords:digitalni sprej, grafiti, virtualna umetnost, računalniški vid, interaktivno okolje
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Organization:FRI - Faculty of computer and information science
Publisher:Croatian Society Electronics in Marine - ELMAR, Zadar
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Keywords:digital airbrush, graffiti, virtual art, computer vision, interactive entertainment

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