Electroporator for in vitro cell permeabilization
Puc, Marko (Author), Flisar, Karel (Author), Reberšek, Stanislav (Author), Miklavčič, Damijan (Author)

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The use of high voltage electric pulse technology, electroporation, in cell biology, biotechnology and medicine has attracted an enormous interest. Electroporation is a transient phenomenon that increases the permeability of cell plasma membrane. In the state of high permeability, the plasma membrane allows small and large molecules to be introduced into the cytoplasm, althoughthe cell plasma membrane represents a considerable barrier for them inits normal state. The effectiveness of electroporation depends on many parameters that can be divided into the parameters of the electric field and the parameters that define the state of cells and their surrounding i.e, temperature, osmotic pressure, etc. In this article, we present a prototype electroporator GT-1 for in vitro electropermeabilization that we have developed. Our electroporator offers a vast flexibility of parameters and can generate high and low voltage pulses, of which the latter ones are used for electrophoretic transfer of charged molecules through permeabilized cell plasma membrane.

Keywords:inštrumentacijske metode elektroporacije, permeabilizacija celične membrane, electroporation instrumentation methods, cell membrane permeabilization
Work type:Not categorized (r6)
Tipology:1.01 - Original Scientific Article
Organization:FE - Faculty of Electrical Engineering
Publisher:Croatian Medical Association - Croatian Society of Radiology
Number of pages:str. 203-207
Numbering:Vol. 35, no. 3
ISSN on article:1318-2099
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Title:Radiology and oncology
Shortened title:Radiol. oncol.
Publisher:Slovenian Medical Society - Section of Radiology, Croatian Medical Association - Croatian Society of Radiology
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Secondary language

Title:Elektroporator za permeabilizacijo celičnih membran in vitro

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