V prvi osebi ednine
Jesih, Milan (Author), Zorman, Barbara (Translator)

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Avtor v tem kratkem eseju razmišlja o svoji poetiki: o idejah, načelih in namenih ter stvarnem procesu ustvarjanja, o rabi jezika in njegovih registrov,verzu in ritmu, izbiranju tematike in leksike, predvsem pa o razmerju med biografskim in pesniškim jazom, ki se skriva v prvi osebi ednine lirskega diskurza. Avtor svoje pesnjenje razlaga kot ornament.

Keywords:poezija, literarno ustvarjanje, pesnjenje, poetika, lirski subjekt
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Tipology:1.04 - Professional Article
Organization:FF - Faculty of Arts
Publisher:Slovensko društvo za primerjalno književnost
Number of pages:Str. 45-48, 223-226
ISSN on article:0351-1189
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Title:Teoretsko-literarni hibridi: o dialogu literature in teorije
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Title:Primerjalna književnost
Shortened title:Primer. književ.
Publisher:Slovensko društvo za primerjalno književnost
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Secondary language

Title:In the first person singular
In this brief essay the author contemplates his poetics: his ideas, principles, intentions and the real process of creation; his use of language and its registers, verse and rhythm, the choice of topic and vocabulary; and especially the relationship between the biographical and poetic ego that is concealed in the first person singular of lyrical discourse. The author explains his poetic creation as an ornament.

Keywords:poetry, poetics, lyrical subject

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