Slovenska (praktična) dramaturgija in slovenska dramatika
Lukan, Blaž (Author)

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Razprava odgovarja na vprašanje, na kakšne načine se slovenska (praktična) dramaturgija pojavlja v slovenski (zlasti povojni) dramatiki. Zato uvaja tri tipološke nivoje: tematski, kjer dramsko pisanje samo oziroma gledališka uprizoritev kot taka postane tema drame, formalni, kjer literarni oz. gledališki postopki že delno preidejo v strukturo drame, in strukturni, kjer se dramaturški postopek prekrije z dramo.

Keywords:slovenska dramatika, gledališče, dramaturgija, dramatika, praktična dramaturgija, literarne študije
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Organization:AGRFT - Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television
Publisher:Slovensko društvo za primerjalno književnost
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Numbering:Letn. 29, št. 2
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Title:Primerjalna književnost
Shortened title:Primer. književ.
Publisher:Slovensko društvo za primerjalno književnost
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Slovenian (practical) dramaturgy and Slovenian drama. The study looks at the ways in which Slovenian (practical) dramaturgy appears in Slovenian (particulary post-war) drama. For this purpose it introductes three typological levels: the thematic, where the playwriting itself or the theatre performance as such become the theme of the play; the formal, where literary or theatrical practices already partly enter the structure of the play; and the structural, where the dramaturgical process overlaps with the play.

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