Negative hermeneutics and the notion of literary science
Serra Lopes, Francisco (Author)

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Namen članka je razkriti pomen negativnosti v kontekstu interpretativnih praks in pri tem pokazati različne ali celo divergentne hevristične strategije.Te so dvoumno poimenovane negativna hermenevtika - izraz se pojavlja v delih avtorjev, kot sta Paul Ricoeur in Fredric Jameson. "Negativna" hermenevtika, ki bodisi izpodbija ali dopolnjuje "pozitivno" hermenevtiko, vpliva na miselnost "literarne vede", če taka stvar ali možnost sploh obstaja.

Keywords:literary science, literary interpretation, hermeneutics
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Publisher:Slovensko društvo za primerjalno književnost
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Title:Primerjalna književnost
Shortened title:Primer. književ.
Publisher:Društvo za primerjalno književnost SR Slovenije
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The meaning of negativity within the context of interpretative practices is likely to unfold, thus manifesting different or even divergent heuristic strategies. However, these have been equivocally referred to as negative hermeneutics, an expression that occurs in the discourse of authors such as Ricoeur and Jameson. The "negative", either challenging or complementing "positive" hermeneutics, has consequences for the thought of "literary science", if there is such a thing and such a possibility.

Keywords:literarna veda, literarna interpretacija, hermenevtika

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