A co-precipitation procedure for the synthesis of LSM material
Marinšek, Marjan (Author), Zupan, Klementina (Author), Razpotnik, Tanja (Author), Maček, Jadran (Author)

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Lanthanum manganite substituted with strontium is a strong candidate for use as a mixed conductor at the cathode site in solid-oxide fuel-cell systems. In the present work a co-precipitation method for the preparation of LSM is described and some material properties are reported. Since the co-precipitation involved calcination at 1000 °C and subsequent sintering, the crystalline phase development and the material homogeneity were followed by X-ray powder diffraction. It was found that no secondary crystalline phases were present in the system when the samples were thermally treated up to 1200 °C. The sintering behaviour of the calcined powders and their density evolution are also reported. Relatively dense bodies were prepared after thermal treatment at 1200 °C for 2 hours. The electrical characteristics of the material were determined from screen-printed LSM sintered layers. The electrical conductivity of the screen-printed layers increased with the sintering temperature due to an additional densification effect. Porous LSM bodies were prepared by methyl cellulose admixing as a pore-former.

Keywords:co-precipitation, lanthanum strontium manganite, microstructure, electrical conductivity
Work type:Not categorized (r6)
Tipology:1.01 - Original Scientific Article
Organization:FKKT - Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology
Publisher:Inštitut za kovinske materiale in tehnologije
Number of pages:str. 85-90
Numbering:Letn. 41, št. 2
ISSN on article:1580-2949
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Title:Materiali in tehnologije
Shortened title:Mater. tehnol.
Publisher:Inštitut za kovinske materiale in tehnologije
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Secondary language

Title:Sobarjanje LSM za pripravo katodnih materialov za gorivne celice
Najpogosteje uporabljan katodni material v visokotemperaturni izvedbi gorivnih celic (SOFC) je lantanov manganit, dopiran s stroncijem (LSM). LSM s sestavo La[spodaj]{0,85}Sr[spodaj]{0,15}MnO[spodaj]{3-d} smo priprav[!]li z novo metodo soobarjanja iz raztopine karbonatov. Oborino smo po filtraciji in spiranju sušili pri 110 °C in nato kalcinirali pri 1000 °C. Po kalcinaciji pri različnih temperaturah in po sintranju smo prahove analizirali z rentgensko praškovno analizo. Materialiso po sintranju vsebovali le perovskitno kristalno obliko lantanovega manganita. Parametre sintranja prahov LSM po kalcinaciji pri 1000 °C smo določili s segrevalnim mikroskopom. Vzorce LSM z dodatkom tvorca por in brez njega smo po sintranju analizirali z elektronsko mikroskopijo. Električne karakteristike tiskanih plasti LSM smo določili s štiritočkovno metodo. Specifična električna prevodnost pripravljenih plasti LSM je primerljiva z literaturnimi podatki za materiale LSM, ki so bili pripravljeni po kalcinacijskem postopku.

Keywords:koprecipitacija, lantanov stroncijev manganit, katoda, mikrostruktura, električna prevodnost

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