Vezljivost glagolov védenja v stari cerkveni slovanščini
Grošelj, Robert (Author)

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Razprava obravnava vezljivost glagolov védenja , tj. ouměti, věděti (z drugotnim nedovršnikom vědati), znati, v stari cerkveni slovanščini. Opredeljeni so pomeni, določilne možnosti glagolov, po pomenih so vzpostavljeni pomenski in vezavnostni vzorci, vzorci pa so obavnavani glede na stabilnost in medsebojna konkurenčna razmerja. Na koncu razprave so primerjane vezljivostne značilnosti analiziranih glagolov védenja.

Keywords:stara cerkvena slovanščina, glagol, glagoli védenja, vezljivost
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Tipology:1.01 - Original Scientific Article
Organization:FF - Faculty of Arts
Publisher:Slavistično društvo Slovenije
Number of pages:str. 383-403
Numbering:Letn. 58, št. 4
ISSN on article:0350-6894
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Title:Slavistična revija
Publisher:Slavistično društvo Slovenije
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Secondary language

Title:The valence of verbs of knowing in Old Church Slavic
The article deals with the valency of the verbs of knowing, i.e., ouměti, věděti (with its secundary imperfect vědati), znati, in Old Church Slavic. The meaning are elucidated the denotative possibilities given, and they are juxtaposed by meaning and combinatory patterns, which are then treated with a view to their stability and competition with one another. At the end of the paper the combinatory pecularities of the analyzed verbs of knowing are compared.

Keywords:Old Church Slavic, verb, vergs ofknowing, valency

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