Contents and structure of abstracts : comparison of Czech, English and Slovenian scientific journals in the area of information and materials sciences
Šauperl, Alenka (Author), Jamar, Nina (Author), Nemecková, Lenka (Author), Veselá, Eliška (Author), Dobrovolný, Viktor (Author)

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Purpose - Publishers of some scientific journals and the ISO standard require or recommend specific information to be present in abstracts. However little is known whether this is what scientists give when they write abstracts. The structure of abstracts was tested in Czech, Slovenian and international scientific journals in the English language in the areas of library and information science and materials science. Design/methodology/approach - One hundred research paper abstracts were selected from each journal, and content analysis was performed both manually and using Weft QDA qualitative analysis software. Findings - The results show that neither the ISO nor the Emerald structure is entirely appropriate. Abstracts in IS usually have this structure: Ikaros (CZ): background, purpose of the research project; Knjižnica(SI): background, results only indicated; Journal of Documentation: results, methods, and purpose. In MS, the abstracts usually report on: Czech MS journals: background, methods, results; Materiali in Tehnologije (SI): methods, background; Materials Science and Technology (international): methods, results. The differences can in part be attributed to the varying disciplines and to the different roles of journals in professional societies, to cultural differences in perception of the role of abstracts. Originality/value - This relatively small sample gives the first insight into the culture of writing abstracts in smaller research communities.

Keywords:knjižničarstvo, izvlečki, znanstvene revije, informacijska znanost, materiali
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Organization:FF - Faculty of Arts
Number of pages:Str. 309-319
Numbering:Vol. 69, no. 2
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Title:Journal of Documentation
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Keywords:abstracts, scientific journals, information science, materials science, research paper

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