Novo o fra Gregoriju Alasii de Sommaripa
Bonazza, Sergio (Author)

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Referat se deli na dva dela. V prvem je govora o doprinosu Gregorija Alasije da Sommaripa k vprašanju glagolice na Slovenskem, v drugem delu pa so podani novi arhivski podatki o njem. Najvažnejša nova podatka o Alasiji sta dan in kraj njegove smrti, ki sta bila doslej neznana. Umrl je 13. oktobra 1626 v ječi samostana servitov v Cornetu (Tarquinia). V referatu je orisana tudi nova, v slovenski kulturni zgodovini še neznana osebnost - italijanski servit p. Francesco Benni, ki je povezan z vprašanjem protestantizma in glagolice na Slovenskem ter tudi z literarno dejavnostjo Alasije da Sommaripa.

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In October 1563 Trubar spent three weeks in the County of Gorizia upon the invitation of some local noblemen. His visit soon took on international significance. Formal declarations of disapproval were issued by the Venetian government, the papal nuncios in Venice and Vienna, and even by the Emperor Ferdinand I. However, the disagreement did not impede the spread of Lutheranism in the County of Gorizia. Venetian Friuli became an important route for the diffusion of publications from Urach south of the Alps. Until 1556 Anton Dalmata had been a priest in Gemona; then, via his extensive network of friends, he distributed books from Germany all over Friuli, in Gorizia and towards Istria. Nicolas Pichler sent books from Villach, through Tarvisio and the Fella valley to Gemona and Friuli. Italian, German and Slavic books were brought into the Austrian dominions via the same route. In the late sixteenth century books printed in Urach were still being confiscated in Gorizia, Gradisca and Duino, so Trubar was known in Friuli even by Italian-speaking Protestants. In 1567 a radical Protestant, Bernardino della Zorza from Udine, brought to trial by the Inquisition in Udine, celebrated our great prophet Primos , comparing him to Luther, Jan Hus and Girolamo Savonarola.

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