Dispersed and decentalised settlement system
Černe, Andrej (Author)

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In the process of reintegration of the urban system new settlements are emerging on the urban rim, transitional zones are reurbanised, derelict areas within the cities are being developed and degraded urban areas of derelict industrial complexes are being renaturalised. In the periphery combined research and production parks are being set up, in the open landscape integrated business, trade and recreational centres are springing up. Decentralisation and recentralisation of focal points of development accompany the contemporary processes of reurbanisation and suburbanisation - they are simultaneous and move in two-direction i. e. to and from the city. We understand them as manifestation of a dynamic balance among contradiction existing between the centre and the rim. Deindustrialisation and relocation of production and distribution from the centres of gravity to the periphery generate extensive degraded urban areas within cities and between the city and suburbs. The periphery is being urbanised with the creation of new, dispersed and nonhierachical poles of development, and the city and inner city is undergoing reurbanization. The general environmental conditions in the city and in the countryside are being equalised, the potentials of developmentare being sought in the comparative advantages of local conditions:be it attractive urban districts, be it suburban entities or countryside areas.

Keywords:geografija naselij, mesta, poselitev, Slovenija, settlement geography, urban geography, settlement, Slovenia
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