Trajnostni razvoj in rizična družba
Kirn, Andrej (Author)

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Sustainable development orientation is fundamentally a reaction against the perils arising from the risk society. It is not only a question of a constant,durable possibility of the exploitation of natural resources but also of a permanent reduction of risks. If sustainable development presents aninterruption in the fateful link between the scientifically technological development and the growing risk, then the present relation between the scientifically technological development and nature/society should change fundamentally. Risk society at the end of the 20th century is characterised by specific types of risks. Risk is a category of social values. There are various reasons for the existence of the (non)acceptance of risks. Value differences are not the sole origin of the social conflict concerning risks. This conflict can also rise from the uncertainty of scientific behavior. The article describes three origins of cognitive uncertainty.

Keywords:družba tveganja, trajnostni razvoj, tveganje, ocenjevanje, znanost, javno obveščanje
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Organization:EF - Faculty of Economics
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Title:Teorija in praksa
Shortened title:Teor. praksa
Publisher:Visoka šola za politične vede
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Keywords:risk society, sustainable development, risk, assessment, science, public information

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