Nanoscale evaluation of laser-based surface treated 12Ni maraging steel
Grum, Janez (Author), Slabe, Janez Marko (Author)

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Maraging steels are used in several high-tech areas. Among them are highly thermo-mechanically loaded vital parts of die casting dies for pressure die casting of aluminium and magnesium alloys. From the economic point of view, the operation life of dies is extremely important to the price of the castings. Operational life can be successfully extended by a regular maintenance of die parts. Laser surfacing is a very promising process for rebuilding of worn out surfaces of vital die parts. In this research, the state in the maraging steel 1.2799 (DIN) after the application of laser surfacing process has been analysed using scanning electron microscope. The analysis revealed diverse microstructure through-depth of the laser-surfaced specimens. On the basis of the estimated size and volume fraction of the nano-precipitates in the individual microstructure zones located through-depthof the heat-affected zone, a through-depth variation of microhardness was predicted. The results are supported by Vickers microhardness tests. It was confirmed that the mechanical properties of the 1.2799 maraging steel strongly depend on the characteristic at the nano or micro level. Some of the results obtained can be also applied to laser surface heat treatment of maraging steels.

Keywords:maraging steel, nanoscale evaluation, laser surfacing, precipitation hardening
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Title:Applied Surface Science
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