Calculation of thermal stresses in glass-ceramic composites
Ganghoffer, Jean-François (Author)

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Opto-electronics make intensive use of composite materials based on amorphous materials, which can be considered as smart materials since they are capable of high performances in their final state. Particularly, glass-ceramic composites involved in welding operations for microelectronics applications are subjected to important thermal stresses during their production, which can deteriorate their properties at room temperature, until the failure stage is reached. It is then essential to be able to predict the evolution of the internal stresses generated during the cooling. We have performed finite-element simulations in order to quantify the stress evolutions for different composite geometries: a ceramic fiber embedded within a glass matrix, a spherical particle located at the center of a spherical glass matrix, and a dispersion of spherical ceramic particles, this last case being the most representative of reality. The thermomechanical modeling of the glassy matrix takes into account its viscoelastic behavior, and the glass transition is described by the decrease during cooling of the free volume as a function of the temperature history. The combined effect of the differential thermal strain during the transition and mechanical relaxation of glass on stress evolutions is evidenced. It is shown that the consideration of a periodical or random distribution of spherical ceramic particles leads to similar stress profiles.

Keywords:finite-element simulations, glass-ceramic composites, glass transition, thermal stresses, viscoelasticity
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Tipology:1.01 - Original Scientific Article
Organization:FS - Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Number of pages:359-379
Numbering:Vol. 4, no. 4
ISSN on article:1385-2000
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Title:Mechanics of time-dependent materials
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