Association of SOD2, GPX1, CAT, and TNF genetic polymorphisms with oxidative stress, neurochemistry, psychopathology, and extrapyramidal symptoms in schizophrenia
Bošković, Marija (Author), Vovk, Tomaž (Author), Saje, Marko (Author), Goričar, Katja (Author), Dolžan, Vita (Author), Kores-Plesničar, Blanka (Author), Grabnar, Iztok (Author)

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There is a growing body of evidence confirming the involvement of oxidative stress and inflammation in pathogenesis of schizophrenia. Inter-individual variation in antioxidant capacity caused by different genetic profile could potentially influence patientʼs susceptibility to oxidative damage. In this study we evaluated the polymorphisms of manganese superoxide dismutase SOD2Val16Ala, glutathione peroxidase GPX1Pro200Leu, catalase CAT-262C>T and CATc.66+78C>T, and tumour necrosis factor-alpha TNF-308G>A by assessing their association with biomarkers of oxidative stress, neurochemistry, psychopathology of schizophrenia and extrapyramidal symptoms in Caucasian schizophrenia patients treated with haloperidol depot. TNF-308G>A was associated with the increased risk of parkinsonism. No major role of polymorphism of SOD2Val16Ala, CAT-262C>T nor GPX1Pro200Leu in psychopathology of schizophrenia or extrapyramidal symptoms was observed. SOD2Val16Ala polymorphism was associated with dopamine plasma concentration and blood concentration ratio between reduced and oxidised form of glutathione, while GPX1Pro200Leu was related with concentration of reduced glutathione. CATc.66+78C>T was associated with noradrenaline plasma concentration and PANSS negative score. PANSS positive and general scores, were associated with the increased risk of tardive dyskinesia. PANSS positive, negative, and general scores, and GAF score were all associated with the increased risk of akathisia.

Keywords:schizophrenia, genetic polymorphism, oxidative stress, neurochemistry, psychopathology, extrapyramidal symptoms
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Tipology:1.01 - Original Scientific Article
Organization:FFA - Faculty of Pharmacy
Number of pages:str. 433-442
Numbering:Vol. 38, no. 2
ISSN on article:0364-3190
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Title:Neurochemical research
Shortened title:Neurochem. res.
Publisher:Plenum Press.
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