Pacific island economies
Browne, Christopher (Avtor)

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The Pacific island region has considerable potential for development, especially in the areas of tourism, fisheries, forestry, mining, and agriculture. With these resources and the continued substantial economic assistance from donors that is expected, it is feasible to lift these countries' medium-term economic growth record, improve human development indicators, and reduce poverty. Experience since independence demonstrates that the traditional way of life can be preserved, even while the processes of development create modern institutions and help to meet changing aspirations. The Pacific island countries face many challenges in developing their economies and raising living standards, including their small size, distance from major markets, and vulnerability to natural disasters. Successfully overcoming these challenges will require the continuation of macroeconomic stability and increased emphasis on the structural reforms to which island governments are committed, including improved public sector efficiency and greater private sector activity. While recognizing that important economic, political, and cultural differences exist between the islands, there are a range of policy recommendations that are widely applicable throughout the region. The first half of this book provides an assessment of regional issues that are currently being addressed by economic policymakers. The country-specific chapters, which comprise the second half of the book, provide in each case a broad overview of the main factors affecting the countries' individual economic performance since independence and the main challenges that lie ahead.--Publisher's description.

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