Vloga in naloge asistentskega osebja pri organizaciji in izvedbi sestankov
Kozjek, Tatjana (Author)

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Meetings are the most frequent and the most necessary form of communication within organizations since people can achieve much more by harmoniously cooperating with each other than by working alone. In meetings, people of various professions meet to solve various, mostly organisational, problems. For the meetings to serve their purposes and achieve their goals, it is necessary to carefully plan, organize, direct and execute them. Organisation of meetings usually involves a larger group of people, among them also assistant personnel. The paper presents the role and tasks of assistant personnel in the organization and execution of meetings. A meeting is communication based on previously prepared work; therefore, twice to three times more time than the duration of the meeting is necessary for the preparation (excluding the preparation of materials) by the participants whereas the chair and the assistant personnel use even three to five times more time. An efficient meeting is prepared by the chair and the participants of the meeting, assistants and expert co-workers (Možina et al., 2004, pp. 233-244). The preparation of materials and their handling have to involve alsofellow workers with good knowledge of specific matters otherwise the management of the meeting can be unprofessional and unilateral and the decisions deficient (Valentinčič, 1978, p. 44). The ethical code of secretaries and administrative assistants of Slovenia also requires that the materials be immaculate (Slovene Association of Clubs of Secretaries and Administrative Assistants 2004, p. 9).

Keywords:poslovanje, organizacija, upravljanje s človeskimi viri
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